An essential webinar for endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism researchers interested in collecting a complete glucose profile via implantable telemetry to minimize animal stress and improve animal welfare.

Historically, diabetes, obesity and metabolism research has focused on acute metabolic testing characterized by infrequent sampling methods. This research contributes critical information regarding glucose metabolism and homeostasis; however, the acute approach and low sampling frequency leaves critical gaps in glucose metabolism research findings.

In this exclusive webinar sponsored by Data Sciences International, we present a new method of continuously monitoring blood glucose via implantable telemetry. Using case studies, we explore how a complete glucose profile can be observed while also reducing animal stress and associated labor for the scientist. Dr. Ralf Dechend (Max Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine) presents a method of glucose monitoring in a novel pregnant rat model of type 2 diabetes and shares realized advantages pertaining to this new continuous approach. In addition, Christian Schnell (Novartis) discusses the value of continuous glucose data in the application of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics while testing an oncology compound.

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Experimental and Clinical Research Center
Max Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine

Prof. Dr. Ralf Dechend focuses on a translational approach, combining animal models, in vitro studies and human cohorts. Together with Prof. Dr. Dominik Müller, their lab focuses on the crosstalk between immune cells, vasculature and target organs of hypertension. The group’s major research interests are the renin-angiotensin system, the immune system and how both systems cause hypertension-induced target-organ damage. Recent work has extended the concept analyzing how environmental factors such as a high salt affect the microbiome, immune cells, target organs, and autoimmunity. The group also cooperates closely with MDC scientists and Charité clinician scientists and has also been a resource for young clinicians and doctoral students beginning their careers in experimental and clinical cardiovascular research.

Associate Director Oncology NIBR
Novartis in Basel

Christian joined NOVARTIS (previously CIBA-GEIGY) in 1980, first in Cardiovascular Research followed by Oncology Research since 1994. He was actively involved in the profiling of several compounds that entered the clinical development and reached the market like DIOVAN®, RASILEZ®, GLEEVEC®, ZOMETA®, AFFINITOR® and PIQRAY ®. Christian was one of the first to adapt fully implantable telemetry devices for blood pressure and ECG recordings in conscious unrestrained marmosets (1993), for intraocular pressure measurements in the vitreous of conscious unrestrained rabbits (1996), and for the measurement of tumour interstitial pressure in conscious unrestrained rats and mice (2003). Currently, he is the 3R’s representative for Oncology Basel at Novartis.

Production Partner

Data Sciences International

Data Sciences International (DSI) is the leader in preclinical physiological monitoring offering telemetry, instrumentation, software and services to help advance science. Industries served include: Pharmaceuticals, Academia, Contract Research Organizations, Biological and Chemical Defense, Medical Devices, Government, and Biotechnology.

Harvard Bioscience, Inc.

Harvard Bioscience is a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of solutions to advance life science research. For over 110 years, we have served the changing needs of life scientists in over 100 countries. Our expanding portfolio of brands include instruments for organ and animal research, cell analysis, molecular biology, fluidics, and laboratory consumables.

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