Continuous Glucose Monitoring for Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism Research in Rodents

Continuous Glucose Monitoring for Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism Research in Rodents

An essential webinar for endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism researchers interested in collecting a complete glucose profile via implantable telemetry to minimize animal stress and improve animal welfare.

Historically, diabetes, obesity and metabolism research has focused on acute metabolic testing characterized by infrequent sampling methods. This research contributes critical information regarding glucose metabolism and homeostasis; however, the acute approach and low sampling frequency leaves critical gaps in glucose metabolism research findings.

In this exclusive webinar sponsored by Data Sciences International, we present a new method of continuously monitoring blood glucose via implantable telemetry. Using case studies, we explore how a complete glucose profile can be observed while also reducing animal stress and associated labor for the scientist. Dr. Ralf Dechend (Max Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine) presents a method of glucose monitoring in a novel pregnant rat model of type 2 diabetes and shares realized advantages pertaining to this new continuous approach.  In addition, Christian Schnell (Novartis) discusses the value of continuous glucose data in the application of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics while testing an oncology compound.

Key topics in this webinar include…

  • Examples of continuous data in specific research applications
  • Opportunity for reduction in blood sampling, stress and labor
  • Benefits of continuous glucose profile and opportunity for quantification
  • Glucose as a biomarker for on-target effects of oncology therapeutics

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Dr. Ralf Dechend

Experimental and Clinical Research Center
Max Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine

Christian Schnell

Lab Head in-vivo Pharmacology,
Oncology Research
Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research
Basel, Switzerland