UV Shemesh presents Buxco's nose-only rodent inhalation system, highlighting how it can improve research efficiency and offer valuable insights into inhalation respiratory studies.

Inhalation delivery remains the preferred pre-clinical choice as it provides fast route to the blood stream with minimal side effects. However, the research itself contains several challenges that turns many researchers away from this delivery method. Over the past couple of years, several features have been added to Buxco’s nose-only inhalation system, improving on its flexibility and study optimization tools. In this webinar, UV Shemesh will introduce those features, discuss their practical benefits and applications, and demonstrate how they can simplify inhalation research while gaining important insights and efficiency.

Key Topics Include:

  • Nebulizer calibration and regulation to ensure more reproducible aerosol deliveries
  • Integration of plethysmography with animal restraint to optimize flow rate and contribute to long-term compound savings
  • Tips to assess and optimize the tolerability of vehicle and test compounds using plethysmography
  • How automated aerosol characterization can simplify the identification of optimal system conditions
  • How gravimetric collection techniques can replace live digital aerosol concentration measurements to improve real-time dose reporting
  • The use of delivered dose reports and respiratory endpoints to serve as predictive indicators for lung deposition through imaging technology
  • Overview of SmartStudy’s capabilities, including:
    • Automated aerosol delivery based on user-defined targets for dose or time
    • Management of single or multiple-dosage groups
    • Conducting T0 sacrifices without compromising chamber environment by staggering duration protocol


UV Shemesh

Senior Product Manager
Inhalation and Respiratory
Data Sciences International

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