In this webinar, experts present a standardized stem cell line and its differentiation into neural cells for disease modeling and assay development.

Reproducible research with human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) depends on thoroughly characterized and quality-controlled cell lines. In this webinar, Dr. Andrew Gaffney and Dr. Erin Knock from STEMCELL Technologies describe the generation of a standardized induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) line. Developed with the upcoming ISSCR Standards Initiative characterization guidelines in mind, this highly characterized line is karyotypically stable, demonstrates trilineage differentiation potential, and expresses undifferentiated cell markers. Further, STEMCELL has developed a highly pure, ready-to-use neural progenitor cell product expressing PAX6 and SOX1 over multiple passages.

Dr. Knock shows how these multipotent cells are suitable for customized downstream differentiation to various CNS cell types, such as forebrain neurons, midbrain neurons, and astrocytes. These progenitor cells are the ideal controls for standardizing downstream differentiation protocols, modeling diseases, and assay development.

Key Topics Include:

  • Discover how STEMCELL’s induced pluripotent stem cell lines are derived and characterized
  • Learn how to differentiate induced pluripotent stem cell lines into all three germ layers
  • Explore the features of STEMCELL’s neural progenitor cell product
  • Differentiate neural progenitor cells into a variety of neural cell types, including neurons and glia



Director, Stem Cell Manufacturing and Commercialization
Business Operations
STEMCELL Technologies

Dr. Andrew Gaffney is the Director of Stem Cell Manufacturing and Commercialization at STEMCELL Technologies, overseeing the development of iPSCs, differentiated cells, and organoids. He also develops strategic alliances with stem cell scientists to support the development of PSC-based disease models, drug screens, and cell therapy applications.

Associate Director, Neural Biology
Research & Development
STEMCELL Technologies

Dr. Erin Knock is the Associate Director of Neural Biology in the Research and Development Department at STEMCELL Technologies. Erin and the Neuroscience Group are proud to support products for both primary neural culture and pluripotent stem cell differentiation, including organoid differentiation.

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STEMCELL Technologies Inc.

STEMCELL Technologies provides specialized cell culture media, cell isolation products, and reagents for your cell therapy and drug discovery research. Our ethically sourced human primary cell portfolio includes products from peripheral blood, cord blood, and bone marrow.

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