Eberhart Zrenner

Eberhart Zrenner, MD

Senior Professor
Institute for Ophthalmic Research, Centre for Ophthalmology
University of Tübingen

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Eberhart Zrenner is Professor of Ophthalmology at the Institute for Ophthalmic Research at the Centre for Ophthalmology of the University of Tuebingen, Germany. His research interests include: retinal physiology and pathophysiology, neuro-ophthalmology, ophthalmogenetics, and retinal prosthesis. He has made numerous contributions to advance basic science of retinal function and dysfunction, clinical diagnosis, and treatment in inherited retinal dystrophies. Dr. Zrenner has developed a unique electronic subretinal prosthesis with 1600 pixels, a registered medical device in Europe. He has been instrumental in starting and successfully performing the first gene therapy trial worldwide in achromatopsia (CNGA3).