Alexey Semyanov

Alexey Semyanov, PhD

Jiaxing University


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Prof. Alexey Semyanov did his postdoctoral research in the labs of Profs. Dimitri Kullmann and Dmitri Rusakov at University College London (UK) from 1998 to 2004. During this period he studied extrasynaptic signalling mediated by glutamate and GABA escaping synaptic cleft (spillover). Then he moved to RIKEN Brain Science Institute (Japan) where he established own lab in 2005. He continued his research of extrasynaptic signalling, and described the excitatory effects of tonic GABAA receptor-mediated conductance. He also investigated signalling mediated by local changes in extracellular K+ concentrations and started research on astrocytic physiology. In 2014, Alexey moved to Russia where he studied neuron-glia interactions and suggested an integrative concept of the brain active milieu. Now, Prof. Semyanov is a Director of the Neuroscience center at Jiaxing University (China).