Christine Mummery

Christine Mummery, PhD

Professor of Developmental Biology

Leiden University


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Christine Mummery, PhD, trained in biophysics at the University of London in the U.K., and is a professor of developmental biology at Leiden University Medical Centre in the Netherlands, where she heads the induced pluripotent stem-cell and organ-on-a-chip Hotel facility. Mummery is also a guest professor at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. Her research concerns modelling cardiovascular diseases, using stem cells from patients, developing organ-on-chip models for safety pharmacology and discovering disease and drug targets. Mummery leads a multimillion-euro Dutch Research Council grant for this purpose and holds European Research Council Advanced- and Proof-of-Concept grants. She co-founded the European Organ on Chip Society and the Netherlands Human Disease Modelling Technology organization. Mummery is a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Science and past president of the International Society of Stem Cell research.