David Culp

David Culp, PhD

Director of Research

Powered Research, LLC

Email: culpdw@yahoo.com

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As the Director of Research for Powered Research, Dr. Culp’s responsibilities include oversight of all scientific programs within the organization. Dr. Culp has a broad background in modeling and analyzing neovascularization, with specific training in analyzing CNV complexes from the Biological Imaging Core Facility in the Division of Intramural Research at the National Eye Institute (NEI). Furthermore, as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of North Carolina, he tested compounds in models of oxygen-induced retinopathy (OIR), and laser-induced CNV models in transgenic mice. He was one of the first students to earn a Ph.D. in the NIH Graduate Partnerships Program and, following his postdoctoral training at the University of North Carolina, he was one of the first accepted into the North Carolina Biotechnology Center’s Industrial Fellowship Program.