Dee Silverthorn

Dee Silverthorn, PhD

Distinguished Teaching Professor Emerita
Medical Education, Physiology
The University of Texas at Austin

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Dee Silverthorn has been teaching physiology at the University of Texas-Austin for more than 30 years. She spent most of her career using active learning in interactive classrooms, with students ranging from non-majors to preprofessional, graduate students, and medical students. Her talk for this series is partly based on a non-majors course in human health and disease that she is teaching this spring. Dee is a member and past president of the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS) as well as a member of the American Physiological Society (APS) and the American Association for Anatomy (AAA). She is a Fellow of the APS, of the AAA, and of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).