Fred Beasley

Fred Beasley, PhD

Director of Scientific Engagement, Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease



Phone: 1 855-827-6968

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Dr Fred Beasley, Director of Scientific Engagement for the Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease Division at Crown Bioscience, has extensive experience with the development of animal models, the design and execution of research projects and with client/operations communications.

Before he was with CrownBio, Fred served as in vivo biologist at the NASH/inflammation startup Jecure Therapeutics and as a Study Director at BTS Research, Southern California’s sole provider of preclinical NHP models.

Fred obtained his PhD in Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Western Ontario and completed postdoctoral training at UC San Diego and at Calibr/Scripps Research Institute. His research focus is the development of animal models to evaluate small molecule drugs against bacterial and parasitic pathogens, and he is an author on over 20 publications.