Jeffrey Zynda

Jeffrey Zynda

Principal, Science and Technology Practice Leader


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Jeff comes from a long line of craftsmen–builders, carpenters, and precision tool makers. His appreciation of craft and fascination for the juxtaposition of contemporary and traditional design carries through to his practice of architecture for science and technology. Jeff is driven to explore the intersection of high design and the highly technical. He strives to improve the perception of laboratories and research environments; he believes these spaces can be the height of humanistic design. To achieve this, he gains an understanding of a lab’s user group by asking not what they need, but rather what they do, and then designing a response with them that is much more impactful and aspirational than just a “lab.”

When Jeff and his team start a project, they establish goals with the client that serve as guiding principles throughout the process. Success for him is seeing that the goals were achieved, and that a facility is supercharging research.