Josiane Broussard

Josiane Broussard, PhD

Associate Professor
Health and Exercise Science
Colorado State University


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Dr. Josiane Broussard is a clinical and translational scientist interested in the intersection of sleep and circadian rhythms and cardiometabolic health at the whole body as well as tissue-specific level. She received her PhD in Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition from the University of Chicago, and then completed postdoctoral training with Dr. Richard Bergman in Los Angeles, CA studying the effects of diet-induced obesity on insulin sensitivity in a large animal model.

In 2015 she moved to the University of Colorado Boulder for in-depth training in clinical circadian physiology with Dr. Kenneth P. Wright, Jr. In July of 2018 she started her independent laboratory at Colorado State University where she studies the mechanistic underpinnings of insulin resistance due to insufficient sleep and/or circadian misalignment, as well as potential countermeasures.