Antibody Purification

Antibody Purification

  • KMD Bioscience

KMD Bioscience

KMD is an experienced provider of protein, antibody products and related one-stop CRO services. We provide recombinant antibody and protein production services.

  • Alpalife Bio


AlpalifeBio provides customized service for nanobody drug R&D at various stages, such as nanobody/VHH discovery, humanization, affinity maturation and cell-based functional study. We also provide customized services including GPCR expression and purification, structural determination and functional study.

  • Alpha Lifetech


Alpha Lifetech Inc. is a premier supplier of antibodies, proteins, ELISA kits, and related biological reagents, there are over 20,000+ products in stock with various specifications to meet customer needs. The company was founded by a group of scientists with extensive experience in protein expression, antibody development, library construction.

  • Bioantiobody Biotechnology

Bioantibody Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Bioantibody Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Bioantibody) is a high-tech biotechnology company focused on the R&D and production of antigens, antibodies and downstream detection reagents for diagnosis and therapy. The product pipelines cover cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, inflammation, infectious diseases, tumors, hormones and other categories

  • Alphalyse


Alphalyse is a CRO and protein analysis lab, which offers unique global impurity analysis and analytical protein characterization services. Through our lab and offices in Denmark and USA, we help customers seeking to analyze process-related impurities, or outsource verification of protein analysis results by mass spectrometry.

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