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  • Long COVID brain fog FI

Clearing the Brain Fog: Long COVID and Cognitive Impairment

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One common post-COVID symptom is brain fog or "COVID fog," which may affect up to 25% of recovered individuals. Given the global prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 and the detrimental impact of such cognitive impairment, the public health implications are considerable. Fernández-Castañeda et al. recently examined the underlying neurological changes associated with COVID fog, which we review in this blog post.

  • Passive Avoidance Response in Rats FI

Passive Avoidance Response in Rats: Effects of Handling and Novel Object Recognition

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Storing aversive memories is important to survival, but learned avoidance responses decrease over time without reinforcement. Since little is known about the mechanisms behind this process, Bengoetxea de Tena et al. evaluated how naive rats respond to a learning and memory task under fear conditions in a recently published study, which we review in this blog post.

  • Functional Ultrasound Neuroimaging

Functional Ultrasound: Pushing the Boundaries of Neuroimaging

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Although ultrasound has been used clinically for decades, advances in its temporal and spatial resolution have opened the door for its use in neuroscience research. In this blog post, we review a very recent and outstanding example of functional ultrasound neuroimaging published in Nature Methods in 2022 (featured image © 2022 Renaudin et al., licensed under CC BY 4.0).

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