Anna Cavaccini

Anna Cavaccini, PhD

Brain Research Institute
University of Zurich


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Dr Cavaccini’s research tackles the mechanisms of neuronal communication, from the evaluation of intrinsic properties of neuronal excitability to the analysis of neuronal circuit elements, by applying electrophysiology techniques. During her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree internship, followed by a PhD (“Federico II” Naples University), she evaluated the biophysical properties of voltage-gated calcium channels. With a post-doctoral fellow at Prof Vincenzo Crunelli’s lab (Cardiff University), Dr Cavaccini had the opportunity to examine the modulation of the tonic inhibition by the serotoninergic system at thalamic circuit. As post-doctoral fellow at IIT of Genova, in Dr Tonini’s lab, Dr Cavaccini pursued basic and interdisciplinary studies that have become the seeds of current research project. Dr Cavaccini has contributed to elucidate important molecular determinants underlying synaptic plasticity at striatal circuit, which play a pivotal role in motor behaviour and learning processes. As post-doctoral fellow in Prof Karayannis’ lab (Zurich University), Dr Cavaccini is investigating sensory-motor integration at the early and later phases of brain development, at cortical and subcortical level.