Franck Lebrin

Franck Lebrin, PhD

Associate Professor
Internal Medicine
Leiden University Medical Center


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Franck Lebrin is a vascular biologist and has a broad background in drug development and imaging with specific expertise on mouse models. He is emerging as a leading link between basic research on small blood vessel inherited diseases and clinical translation of the outcome. His group has provided the first proof of concept that drugs promoting blood vessel stability and integrity were effective to prevent leakiness caused by hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT) or following brain injury. He is currently generating novel agents with reduced adverse effects that specifically prevent vascular damage and promote regeneration to treat neurodegeneration. He is involved in 3 clinical trials and in the identification of early ultrasound imaging markers of brain disease progression. Since 2016, he has a dual position between Leiden University Medical Center and PHYSMED Paris. He is scientific advisor of Vaderis Therapeutics, a biotech company that aims to treat rare diseases caused by vascular malformations, member of the global research and medical advisory board of the international foundation Cure HHT, and member of the Scientific Research network WOG on BMP signaling and vascular diseases comprising 20 teams in Europe.