Matthew Robinson

Matthew Robinson, PhD

Assistant Professor
Oregon State University


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Dr. Robinson co-directs the Translational Metabolism Research Laboratory that seeks to understand how exercise improves skeletal muscle metabolism and promotes health. His research focuses on mitochondrial fuel oxidation during development of insulin resistance of obesity and aging. He earned a PhD in Human Bioenergetics from Colorado State University with a focus on skeletal muscle protein turnover during aging and exercise (mentor Dr. Ben Miller). He then completed post-doctoral training at Mayo Clinic in the laboratory of Dr. Sree Nair. His post-doc fellowship centered on mitochondrial protein turnover and function during aging, insulin signaling and exercise. He received a NIDDK K01 award to investigate regulation of the mitochondrial proteome during obesity and exercise training. In 2016, Dr. Robinson joined Oregon State University to assist building a collaborative translational metabolism research program with the local Samaritan Health System. The approach includes performing human clinical trials alongside animal and cell cultures studies of skeletal muscle mitochondrial function.