Robert Wykes

Robert Wykes, PhD

Senior Lecturer / Research Senior Fellow
Dept.of Nanomedicine
The University of Manchester

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Dr. Robert Wykes is a Senior Research Fellow at the UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology and a Senior Lecturer in the Nanomedicine Lab at the University of Manchester. He is well regarded for development of novel technology and therapies to investigate and treat seizures. He was amongst the first to adapt in vivo optogenetic and calcium imaging approaches to epilepsy research, and established the efficacy of a potassium channel gene therapy approach in preclinical models. More recently as a partner on the European Commission Graphene Flagship Project he has been characterising in vivo graphene micro-transistors capable of full bandwidth electrographic recordings. These devices promise to facilitate detection and therefore improved understanding of the role spreading depolarisations play in several neurological disorders including epilepsy.