Sander Kooijman

Sander Kooijman, PhD

Assistant Professor
Leiden University Medical Center


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Sander Kooijman is an Assistant Professor at the Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands. After a postdoctoral position at the University of Oxford, he returned to the Netherlands and now has a senior position in Professor Patrick Rensen’s laboratory group. His research, partly funded through a personal fellowship of the Dutch Heart Foundation, is aimed to elucidate the relation between circadian dysfunction and cardiometabolic disorders (PNAS USA 2015, Aging Cell 2017, Cell Rep 2018, Sci Rep 2019, J Pineal Res 2020, FASEB J 2020, J Biol Rhythm 2020, Trends Endocrinol Metab 2020; Mol Metab 2021). In addition, he is broadly interested in the regulation of energy metabolism; for example, he has contributed to the discovery of many pharmaceutical targets that promote thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue (Nat Commun 2015, Sci Transl Med 2016, Gut 2017, ATVB 2018, Diabetes 2019, JCI Insight 2019, Cell Rep 2019, Cell Metab 2020).