Sara Mirsadeghi

Sara Mirsadeghi, MSc

Ph.D. student/Research Assistant
Neuroscience, Developmental and Regenerative Biology (NDRB)
University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA)


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Sara has a Master’s degree in developmental biology with a focus on neuroscience from Royan institute, Iran. After graduation, she joined the electrophysiology lab in the same institution as a research associate, for six years, and now she is a Ph.D. student/research assistant in Hsieh lab, University of Texas at San Antonio. Sara is interested in brain-on-chip research. She grows brain organoids from human-derived pluripotent stem cells and compares the organoids’ spiking activity, neural network formation, burst firing and network maturity by placing them on MEAs, manufactured by Multi-Channel Systems. Her experience successfully compares the electrophysiological properties of different brain organoids, derived from healthy donors as well as patients with congenital epilepsy, employing standard MEAs, 3D-MEAs and newer Mesh-MEAs.