Obesity is now a global epidemic – with over 650 MILLION sufferers worldwide. While there is still much to be uncovered around the causes of obesity, many, including healthcare practitioners, researchers and policymakers are quick to pass judgement. In most cases the “less in, more out” strategy is simply not enough to tackle the root of the problem. World Obesity Day is Wednesday, March 4th and together with organizations around the world we hope to increase awareness and reduce the impacts of obesity.

Researchers are working tirelessly to discover more about this chronic illness, and their work does not go unnoticed. Together with the APS, we are producing a webinar series centred on the pathophysiology of obesity and related cardiometabolic diseases. For more information on the joint webinar series, feel free to browse the Upcoming Meetings and Events page at the-aps.org. Below you will also find a list of relevant on demand webinars.

To learn more about how you can get involved and take part in events happening near you, head to https://www.worldobesityday.org/about/partners for a complete list of supporting partner societies and associations. You can also get social with the hashtag #WorldObesityDay and connect with World Obesity Day on the platforms below!